#FITNB Episode 12: Offset Vs Redraw Account

When it comes to taking out a home loan to purchase your dream property (or of course to invest) loan structure IS EVERYTHING. Many do not realise that your ...

FITNB Episode 11: What is a home loan offset account & how does it work?

What is an offset account and how can it help offset the amount you owe on a loan? An offset account is a transaction account linked to a qualifying loan.

FITNB EPISODE 10: WHAT IS LMI & how does it affect your loan?

At the moment knowing the right strategies to benefit from the property market is essential. With property prices increasing and the need for larger deposits ...

Neue Black- Who We Are | Meet the team

What is Neue Black and who are we? Neue Black is an award winning financial services company located in Melbourne, Australia. We believe knowledge is ...

#FITNB Episode 9: Rate Locks & Saving Money During Times of Celebration

In this Episode of #FITNB we are covering a topic that affects a lot of millennials trying to keep up with a lifestyle filled with events. Weddings, engagements ...

#FITNB Episode 8: How does a student loan affect a home loan? + Car loans vs car leasing

In this Episode of #FITNB: Student loan debt and getting a home loan... So you've just completed further schooling studies and now you want to purchase ...

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    “Always Been Able to Provide the Perfect Solution”

    “Our association with Marshall and his team at Neue Black has given us the confidence to move forward freely with our financial goals. With each new and complicated property related financial situation they have always been able to provide the perfect solution – This ensures our best offer is always left on the table. “

    Dani 31, Property Investor, Seddon, Victoria

    “Made It Easy And Stress Free”

    “Thanks to Marshall and the team for the great work in getting us the best rate with our new home loan. You made it easy and stress free.”

    Daniel 34, Property Investor, Moonee Ponds, Victoria

    “Looking forward to working with them again for our future purchases”

    “A big thanks to Marshall and team for helping us secure our mortgages. Great to deal with and very agile in responding to changes in the industry to achieve best possible outcomes. Looking forward to working with them again for our future purchases.”

    Tamara 43, Property Investor, Claremont, Tasmania

    “Marshall And His Team Move Swiftly And Provide An Outstanding Service”

    “We’ve utilised Marshall a few times now and are currently in the process of using his services again. Marshall and his team move swiftly and provide an outstanding service, time and time again – always an easy and stress free process. Both Phil and I couldn’t recommend Neue Black enough. Thanks for your efforts to date and looking forward to working with you over the coming months.”

    Sarah 32, Property Investor, Hampton, Victoria